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Zound Earplug Design

Designed with a minimalists approach, our earplugs are discreet and functional but how do they actually work? Let's dive deeper and get technical. 

Technical Stuff

Earplug 101: not all earplugs are designed equal. Unlike traditional foam earplugs that can muffle and distort sounds, Zound Earplugs are equipped with high fidelity filters that evenly reduce noise levels. 

1. What's a high fidelity filter?

It's a device within the earplug that essentially minimizes harsh noise levels in a uniform way while still retaining sound clarity. 

2. What's a dB (decibel)? 

Sound loudness is measured in decibels (dB) and anything above 85 dB is harmful. Did you know that most live concerts clock in at around 100 dB? 

3. What is NRR (noise reduction rating)

NRR measures the amount of sound (dB) that a hearing protection device blocks out. There are NRR ratings for different sound environments such as a shooting range, airport tarmac and music festival. Each environment has it's own associated noise reduction rating (NRR) and is dependent on how loud noise levels are. 

Our advanced high fidelity filters evenly reduce sound with a 21 dB NRR and gives you superior sound quality across the entire frequency spectrum. This means you'll still retain sound clarity but with a reduced volume. We found this NRR to be optimal for reducing noise levels at live music events, public transportation, group exercise classes and dental offices. 

Why People Love Zound Earplugs

"This is the best purchase I made, I have some ear issues in my right ear and I felt great after a music festival, 100% recomendable!" - Lorena R

"I'm normally very sensitive to noise. I bought these after a recommendation from my dental hygienist. After using them for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked. The earplugs block out the unpleasant background noise of my high speed. They do not need to be removed in order to have a conversation with my patient or assistant. I will be purchasing additional pairs for the rest of my staff soon." -Nathan V.

"These were awesome for my cycling class where the music was really loud. I usually workout next to the instructor... which is RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPEAKER! I'm so glad I found Zound Earplugs. My ears feel incredible and I feel SO MUCH BETTER after my workout classes... and my ears don't feel nearly as overwhelmed as before." -Cassie M.

If you have a friend or colleague who works in a loud noise environment, we recommend they use proper ear protection so that they can maintain their hearing health. 

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