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5 Ways to Use Your High Fidelity Earplugs

There are many benefits that come from reducing loud noise levels such as maintaining hearing health and reducing overall anxiety. Below we will explain the 5 ways that you can fully utilize your Zound Earplugs and the benefits that come with it. 

1. Group Exercise Classes

Now days group exercise classes are so loud you may experience the same ringing in the ears that you get from attending a music festival. Did you know that ear ringing is an early sign of hearing damage? Luckily, you can decrease your chances of hearing loss by wearing earplugs. Zound earplugs help with reducing overall sound while still giving you the ability to hear your instructor and the people around you. 

2. Noise Pollution & Sensitivity

Examples of noise pollution include construction zones, high traffic areas, public transportation, and lawn equipment. Zound earplugs provide you with a 21 decibel noise reduction rating - helping to reduce the noise pollution you may experience in your daily commute or immediate surroundings.

Zound can also benefit people with sensitive hearing that are associated with Misophonia, Phonophobia, Hyperacusis, Meniere’s Disease, Hypersensitivity Disorders and ADHD. Our earplugs reduce stressful noise frequencies without muffling sound and also promotes a calming environment.


3. Live Music Events

Our earplugs are engineered with high fidelity filters that evenly reduce sounds while still retaining musical clarity – giving you the ability to experience live music at the volume that’s perfect for you. Unlike traditional foam earplugs, our earplugs do not distort sound but instead turns the volume down to a comfortable level.

4. Dentistry

Dental offices can be loud. Between the high speed ultrasonic scaler and the HVE, there is a lot of extra noise. Zound earplugs reduces overall sound levels which means you can work at a comfortable volume while still having the ability to have a clear conversation with your patients and staff members.

5. Around the Little Ones

With more parent’s working from home, it can be difficult adjusting to an increase in noise volume. Our earplugs alleviate auditory overload and can help reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability so that you can experience a calmer environment.

Next time you head out the door don't forget to clip your Zound Carrying Case onto your bag or key chain. You never know when you'll need your Zound Earplugs. If you like more information on our earplug design and features click here