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Ultimate Guide to Dressing for a Halloween Show

Tips and ideas to help you create the perfect Halloween look. 

Spooky time has arrived and if you’re heading to a Halloween show or festival, you’re probably wondering, what the heck do you wear?!

Spoiler alert: WHATEVER YOU WANT.

What I love most about Halloween music events, whether you’re going to a show or a festival like Freaky Deaky or Escape, is that you can dress however you please. You can come up with a fun costume, couples costume, group costume, etc. The options are endless as to what you can do. It can be as simple as putting a meme on a T-shirt and calling it a day, or you can go all out with a full costume and makeup. Because it’s the spirit of Halloween mixed in with music, everyone is up for dressing up.

For the Spooky Witches

Credit: Tasteful Girls, @stay.inyour.lena, Freedom Rave Wear

There are a lot of rave wear brands with Halloween collections out that you can shop from or you could create a look from items they already have in their shop. My favorite shops to support include Tasteful Girls, Rave With Mi Gente, Freedom Rave Wear, Daisy Day Dreamz, Rolita Couture, BGlittz, Rave After Rave and Crazed Wear.

You can also tap into clothes you already own and take the look to the next level by adding a fun headpiece or wig, cute accessories or doing makeup to pull the whole look together as well. Some accessory brands to look to include BrittsBlossoms, Magical Minnie, and MoonChain Body Chains.

Credit: @vibewithade, Freedom Rave Wear, @chrisspy

For the Spooky Frankensteins

Credit: Lunautics, @JakeRyanDuh, @Rodrigo_428, @jessehigareda

For my kings, dressing for Halloween can be a little stressful on where to shop from. Some ravewear brands do offer men’s clothing like Rave With Mi Gente, Freedom Rave Wear, and Crazed Wear have a lot to offer. Some other fun ideas include dressing like you favorite DJ for example if you get a crazy fun collared shirt, big sunglasses and a hat and you can be FISHER. You can also take a look around thrift stores and Goodwill to come across some fun items. My boyfriend got some stuff for Freaky Deaky last year by walking around Ross. 

Couples Costume Ideas


Credit: @xxneonlightzxx, @glitttergoddess

If it makes it easier, match with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Couples’ costumes can be so fun and super easy to plan. 

Group Costume Ideas

Credit: @festfashions, @reallykelly

When in doubt, gather your festie besties and plan out a group costume. You can really do anything for this and can either go all out and order items for your friends to kill this look or you can go super simple and still get the point across.

We hope this helps you create your spooky looks! I also have a video on my YouTube channel you can check outhere. Be sure to tag us in your spooky looks so we can see how you did. Make sure you grab a pair of Zound earplugs before you head out to your Halloween event.