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How To Properly Use Zound Earplugs

Congratulations on your purchase!

We wanted to write a quick blog post to go into a little more detail on how to properly use your earplugs. It is important that you clearly follow the guidelines below in order to ensure earplugs are used safely and properly:

1) Before using ear plugs, please make sure your hands are washed and the items are properly cleaned. Remove the earplugs from the box.

2) Pull the top of your ear outward with your opposite hand.

3) Gently push and twist your Zound Earplug into the ear until it sits comfortably in the ear canal, while forming a "seal"

4) Position the flap at the top part of your ear, making it easier to remove.

Use only as directed - do not insert all the way into ear - only cover ear opening.