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Self-Quarantine Activities

Having trouble figuring out what do while self-quarantining? No worries, we got you. Here are some activities that we recommend and partake in. Enjoy!

1. Create or Listen to a Playlist

Music is a great way to unplug from the rest of world and be in your own personal space. With the extra time at home, you can organize your playlists into specific genres or categories. For example, creating a high intensity EDM Playlist for your next workout sessions or a mellow trance playlist for a meditative evening. If you’re looking for some good vibes checkout our “Upbeat Playlist” on our ZoundOfficial Spotify account or click here:

2. Learn to Shuffle

Credit: Rasmes Soto (@RamBam13)

After creating your EDM playlist, why not learn how to shuffle? It’s a fun way to get your heartbeat pumping and a new dance move you can bust out at your next event. Here are some YouTube videos we recommend checking out:

3. Gaming

Here at Zound, we are obsessed with the Beat Saber VR for the Oculus. It is amazing! The best part is that you can download your own favorite tracks while slicing through blocks with a light saber. Yes, I said light saber. It’s pretty epic. Here’s a little YouTube clip for your viewing pleasure:
There are so many games that allow you to interact with friends online such as Call of Duty, League of Legends or DoTA. Go out and explore your game flavor and expect the coming days to slip on by.

4. Video Calls

Spend some quality time with your friends and family through a video chat app (i.e. FaceTiming, WhatsApp, Skype). Arrange a time to connect with everyone and create fun ways to hang out:  listening to new tracks, eating your meals together or creating an online virtual rave.The possibilities are endless.

 5. Exploring Podcast

Go out there and find a podcast that you can listen to while cooking, exercising or giving your eyes a rest from the screen. We recommend checking out these EDM related podcasts:

    • Back to Back with Willy Joy: Weekly interviews with influential people of the EDM scene and EDM related topics.

    We hope you find these tips useful. Feel free to comment below on what activities you’re interested in trying or any activities you recommend. Sending you good vibes from Zound. Be safe and have fun!

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