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Rave-Life Balance

Tips from your Fellow Ravers

Imagine a life where all you did was rave, eat, sleep & repeat. It sounds amazing. Until you realize your personal funds are depleted and you no longer have a job (unless you work for the music/nightlife industry). It’s ok to get lost in the excitement and feeling of escape when you attend EDM festivals but it’s also important to keep a rave-life balance. Here are some tips from fellow ravers and how they balance their life & EDM lifestyle.

“Finding the perfect balance is a STRUGGLE! I work from home so discipline is key. That being said, I choose to go all out for a handful of EDM festivals, rather than going to shows every weekend. If I’m itching to dance and one of my favorite DJ’s is in town, I may muster up the energy to go out... Personally, I’m a big house fan; although, my music taste ranges from bass to dubstep to techno. Some of my favorite artists are Zeke Beats, REZZ, Malaa, SNBRN, and Sophie Tucker!” @SkyeGirlz

“Know your priorities and understand that work-life and rave-life must be separated and attended to differently. Honestly, it’s like living a double life for me.  I know when and how to be professional.  In turn, I also know when and how to live that PLUR life as well.  Raving is always fun and great within itself.  However, raving after an accomplishment (big or small) is even better. Work and study hard throughout your days and meet your deadlines for work and/or school. Then go and fully enjoy a show or festival with friends.” @georgie_meanicii

“It’s easy to think life is a nonstop party especially on Instagram but the reality is even if I’m posting about festivals I’m probably just going to work, grocery shopping, and going to the gym. It’s especially important to take care of mind, body and soul between raving. Work hard for the stability in your everyday life to truly enjoy the moment when it comes.” @tinydancer_88

"A good way to balance work and rave life is to make a festival/show schedule as soon as possible. That way you can request days off of work in advance to make sure you can make it to your favorite festivals!" @rambam13

"Rave life balance is super important for me. I live in Las Vegas where there is always a show and work 8-5 pm Monday through Friday (sometimes on weekends). I pick the shows I know I won’t be able to see anywhere else and have learned when to say no.  Also, naps are a life saver." @jdunk92

“I have always been good with my finances so I guess you could say a major contributing factor that allowed me to have a rave-life balance was me living within my means. I used to be a part of a rave family where all they did was 'eat, sleep, rave, repeat,' and kept borrowing money from each other and using PLUR as an excuse to not pay each other back. It bothered me, so I always made sure I had enough for bare necessities before splurging on festival tickets. Remember to have a balanced lifestyle. Meaning, always trying new things to keep yourself on your toes. One week I could be having a lazy weekend where I don’t get out of my PJ's at all for 48 hours. While the next weekend I’ll be in Tahoe with friends! Change things up so nothing gets too stale!” @_chongin

“In order for me to even rave I work hard. I manage my finances by making sure I don't just have money for raves but I also have some for my bills and essentials. Start saving your money. Save your change & trust it works! Be creative, be smart and most importantly be responsible.” @plurr_queenunicorn

We hope these tips help with your rave-life balance. Let us know how you balance life and your EDM lifestyle in the comments below. As always, don’t forget to wear Zound Earplugs to your next music event. Your ears will thank you!