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Best Electronic Tracks of 2019


SVDDEN DEATH has had an insane year. Behemoth was heard in any and every dubstep set last year and he released his VIP edit on his first album release “VOYD 1.5”. He’s also been debutting a brand new set called “VOYD” that is a cannot miss if you see it on any 2020 festival lineups.

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Bodies Do the Talking ft. Sue Yenn - Walker & Royce

If you have not heard of Walker & Royce, my first question is have you been living under a rock? They have come up this year in a big way for the house music scene. This song will get your body moving and grooving in ways you never thought it could move. Add this to any pregame playlist now.

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Good Things Fall Apart (with Jon Bellion)  - Illenium

Illenium had a huge year this year with the long awaited  release of his album Ascend. This song has all the components to truly show the artist that Illenium has become. From the acoustic guitar strums, to an infectious chorus and the melodic drops we know and love Illenium for, this song was every relationship breakup anthem this year.

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Griztronics - Griz & Subtronics

You got the smooth funky vibes of Griz mixed with the heavy and aggressive dub that is Subtronics and you have the banger of the year. This song gets any crowd hyped as you can hear the crowd go wild when this gets dropped.

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In Your Head - RL Grime Edit  - GJones

GJones was a huge breakout start from last year with the release of the “Ineffable Truth”. “In Your Head” was definitely a notable hit from that album. RL Grime added a little more flavor to it making its way into a lot of festival sets this year guaranteeing you’ll lose your head when you hear this.

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Island - Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta

Does anyone else feel so many emotions when you hear this song? From vibing to the feels one moment to headbanging the next moment, this song truly goes off and showcases the talent of the melodic dubstep kings Seven Lions, Wooli and Trivecta.

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Lost My Mind - Alison Wonderland, Dillon Francis

Probably one of the notable collabs that happened this year was Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis coming together to produce “Lost My Mind”. They even went on tour together to make this collab come to real life for their devoted fan bases. 

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Rushing Back - Flume, Vera Blue

2019 was the return of Flume when he surprisingly dropped his “Hi, This is Flume: mixtape pleasing friends everywhere. While that mixtape was a piece of art in itself, the release of this single “Rushing Back” featuring the lovely voice of Vera Blue. This song makes you want to drive around with the windows down as the sun is setting it was definitely on repeat for a solid week.

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SOS (feat. Aloe Blacc) - Avicii

RIP to a king. The EDM community still mourns the loss of Avicii and thankfully he left behind some music that artists he worked with could bring to life and finish the album he was working on. “SOS” has such powerful lyrics and a beautiful melody making it a very incredible piece to remember Avicii by.

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You Little Beauty - FISHER

This song had been a long awaited released by FISHER. You heard this song at a lot of festival sets played by FISHER and played by tons of other artists. It gets you dancing and shuffling around your living room and party no doubt.

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That rounds out our top 10 tracks from this year! What were your favorites that you had on repeat this year? We hope you have an awesome New Years and if you’re hitting any events or festivals be sure to pack your Zound earplugs to protect your ears and pack a fanny pack while  you’re at it to secure your items at the event.