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4 Principles of EDM Culture

If you’re new to EDM culture, you may have noticed that music is only one element of the experience. The other elements are a tight-knit community and creating an environment that upholds to the philosophy of EDM culture. This philosophy is comprised of 4 principles and is commonly called PLUR. In the list below, you’ll find out what each letter represents and how you can utilize this philosophy at your next festival.

1. Peace

The atmosphere of a rave is filled with positive energy and a state of harmony. Majority of ravers are there for a good time and apply a peaceful approach to how they interact with one another and their surroundings. When you go to your first festival it’s important to have an open mind, to be understanding and to promote good vibes with your fellow ravers.

2. Love

Whether it’s from sharing a musical experience, the feelings of good intentions from others, or receiving a warm embrace, you can feel the presence of love in the EDM culture. When you can love yourself and others it creates a safe environment where everyone can feel accepted and safe. At your next festival, be mindful of how you treat others and embrace each encounter with kindness.

3. Unity

Even though individuals are separated by gender, race, sexual orientation or economic status, EDM culture makes it possible to transcend those differences. It’s because it fosters a strong bond amongst its community through a shared passion of music and an inclination of acceptance for one another. Unity is what allows others to feel like they belong in the EDM community and creates strong relationships. It’s important to see past differences and be open-minded when meeting new people at a festival. You never know what friendships await when you let go of your biases and are willing to see through the book cover.

4. Respect

Being respectful means treating yourself and others with sensitivity and tolerance. It’s having the ability to observe others without passing ill judgment. It’s impossible to uphold to the principles above without mastering respect. Always be mindful in treating others the way you would like to be treated.

Upholding to a philosophy of PLUR is a great way to ensure that you and your fellow ravers will have a great experience at a festival. It’s also important to note these principles could easily be adapted to your everyday life and become a lifestyle that you could spread to others.