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Zound Earplugs 3 Pack

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
✈️ Ships from California, USA
"In terms of quality, it’s definitely there. The clicks and other harmful noises for the eardrums are cut out, but the music was still clear rather than muffled" - Dancing Astronaut  

• High fidelity filters evenly reduce noise and preserve sound quality, which means you can hear everything with incredible detail - FREE from the ringing in your ears
• Multi-layer shell fits ALL ear sizes (even when you're headbanging), giving you the freedom to dance with comfort all night long
• Made with a re-usable soft sillicone, which means you will enjoy every single rave with comfort, clarity, and convenience for years to come 

Your Experience:
Zound Earplugs is the best way to experience your favorite raves and music festivals.

Our advanced high fidelity filters are specifically designed for EDM, and evenly reduce sound with a 21 dB NRR - giving you superior sound quality across the entire frequency spectrum.

If you're a raver, you'll love Zound - guaranteed.
What You Get:
• One pair of Zound Earplugs
• 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee