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Camping at Festivals


Pros of Camping at a Music Festival

When it comes to the positives of camping at a music festival, the pros include ease of access, being apart of a community and the amenities that come with camping.

1. Ease of Access

If you’ve ever had to deal with traffic getting to and from a festival, being stuck in a parking lot for hours after a festival or waiting for a shuttle forever, camping resolves that. You can wake up in your tent, get ready and go to the festival. Some festivals still have security between the festival and campgrounds like Electric Forest and EDC where you’ll still wait in a line to get into a festival. Camping could also be immersed together like Lightning in a Bottle so once you get through the initial camp security, you’re in. I’d much rather wake up and go to the festival versus waiting for an uber or shuttle and dealing with traffic.

Credit: Lightning in a Bottle

2. Community

I’ve made so many friends with our camp neighbors. I’ve met people that followed my blog or YouTube channel that were camping nearby. Getting to meet and connect with so many people is what it’s all about. Festivals typically have activities allowing you to meet with other festival-goers. Some festivals also have specific communities for ravers traveling alone, women, and sober festival-goers which helps connecting others.

3. Amenities

Silent discos, yoga, art, seminars, food, vendors, the list goes on and on. There are a lot of amenities that come with camping at a music festival. Electric Forest and Lightning in a Bottle offer seminars on things like meditation and mindfulness. Camp EDC has pool parties and yoga during the day. There’s so much more that comes with your camping ticket that not a lot of people realize. There are also showers that are either free or $5-$10 per shower which feel incredible after long days and nights of dancing.

Cons of Camping at a Music Festival

When it comes to the cons of camping at a music festival, it includes weather, hygiene, and sleeping.

1. Weather

Weather can be very unpredictable during a music festival. From super hot days to super cold nights, random thunderstorms or dust storms, you just have to be prepared for any type of weather. While it can be unpredictable, it can be managed well if you and your camp is prepared. Pack clothing for all types of weather, have extra tarps on hand and have things to keep you cool. 

2. Hygiene

It’s not really a con, but I know it can be a deal-breaker for most people. Some people need a whole set up to get ready or to be clean. While festivals do have showers for camping that can help you stay clean, people feel that they need a hotel room and shower to meet their hygenic needs. Some people also prefer having the space to do their hair and makeup and whatnot (even though you can accomplish it if you have a car!).

3. Sleeping

When you camp at a music festival, your sleep schedule will get thrown out. If you need your full eight hours and then some, you won’t get it while camping at a music festival. Whether you have noisy neighbors or you go to RV/Renegade sets ‘til 6 am, you won’t be getting the best sleep. Pack some Zound earplugs to ensure you’ll get some sleep.

One Thing That Can Vary: Price
I’ve camped at a music festival. I’ve done hotels and Airbnbs. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is if it really makes that much of a difference in price. It really depends on if you’re driving or flying to the camping festival if you’re camping with a group and how much camping supplies you’re going to need. When you weigh out all the different factors, you’ll be able to get an idea if it’ll be worth it to camp.
Credit: High Voltage Fam

When In Doubt, Group Camp!

One thing that helps with the costs to camp is getting a squad to camp with. You all can split the costs and delegate who is going to bring what. Also, nothing beats bonding with your squad all weekend long. Some of my favorite memories was chilling at our campsite after that day of the festival was over and just talking about our memories from the day.

I hope this helps you if you are deciding to camp at a music festival soon! You can check out my blog for guides to camping and I have videos on my YouTube channel of me camping at Electric Forest. Make sure you grab some Zound Earplugs to pack so you can sleep while you’re camping at your next festival!