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Couples who Rave together, stay together

Couples who Rave together, stay together

The Best couple coordination in the Scene.

While Valentine’s Day has passed, we are still feeling love in the air. We’ve been on the lookout for couples who make a fashion statement from festivals and raves. Hopefully, this gives you some inspo for your next outfit with your rave bae.

Couples That Are Outta This World


@akad3v & @dplurprincess

Color Coordination for Days

@vansecoo & @christianolmtak 
@strawbericalynn & @misshalcyon441
@therealjames_p & @amyyconte

Getting in the Festive Spirit


Two Peas in a Pod

@justapupp & @frankieray
@heartkiller19 & @artcast1987

Got a favorite fit you’ve done with your rave bae?! Tag us in your pics so we can share the love! 

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