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6 Most Insane Visual Productions from DJs

DJs Who Are Elevating Their Live Sets With Their Visuals

Hearing your favorite artist’s music is one thing, but getting to see it live brings it to a whole new level. You get to physically see your favorite artist, hear the music you’ve listened to over and over, but this time you get visuals and production to go along with it. Visuals and production can truly depict and create a whole new atmosphere for you to experience that artist’s music. Here is our roundup of the six most insane visual productions from DJs.

Credit: Your EDM

Eric Prydz

I can’t talk about visuals without talking about Eric Prydz. His whole HOLO project has taken the EDM industry by storm and opening us up to the future of what visual productions could be like. His visuals are so advanced and unmatched compared to what anyone else is doing. The visuals truly come out to you and is a sight to see. Keep an eye out for his Tomorrowland set as he debuts Holosphere where he’ll be performing within a glowing sphere that is two stories tall.


The ever so famous Cube. Deadmau5 has created a cube with which displays visuals. The cube can work as an extension of the visual screen behind him to add dimension to the viewer. The cube can also move and is transparent so you can still see the iconic Deadmau5 head from within the cube. Catch a glimpse of it when he debuted Cube 3.0.


Lasers on lasers with a side of lasers. I mean Bassnectar really has it down when it comes to the visuals and lasers. His most noteworthy performance is every year his NYE 360 show where no matter what seat you have in the house, you have the same experience as everyone else of viewing him, visuals and lasers.

You can also see what a Bassnectar curated event looks like without the 360 views and is just as incredible of a performance.


This French duo is such a vibe to see live. The way they have their visuals and lighting all play a part with their music in their performances is truly thrilling. Their light structures tend to move and tilt to add dimension to whatever song. Definitely, one of those artists where you might not listen to the music regularly, but always have to catch them live.

Flying Lotus

Ever wondered what a set would be like in 3D? Flying Lotus has been giving out 3D glasses to watch his show. This video from his set at Acrosanti you can see viewers wearing 3D glasses. This would be something awesome to witness firsthand for sure.


The king of dubstep, Excision, has visuals that truly elevate his heavy music. His whole play on dinosaurs and prehistoric times are embodied in his visuals so much so it almost looks like the visuals are coming out at you through the screen. Check out a video from his current tour from the front row’s perspective.

Excision also has his own curated festival, Lost Lands, where headbangers flock for three days of heavy dubstep and bass music. Here is a full set of his visuals with his festival production.

For sure add these artists to your bucket list to catch at least once in your life. Some other artists to check out as well include Chemical Brothers, Flying Lotus, Odesza, Tipper, GJones, and Pretty Lights.